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Company Profile

Sri Sai Agro Implements is a trusted company having core business of manufacturing the world's cheapest hand-operated milking machine for small dairy farmers, domestic users, and for power starving regions. DairyMateTM Hand-operated Milking Machine has been designed to be operated by anyone, and can be easily operated by elder persons. Owing to lightweight, sleek and compact design, the machine can be easily carried to another place as per the requirements. This is a 1005 safe and tested machine painted to provide protection from rusting and corrosion. Moreover, DairyMateTM Hand-operated Milking Machine is manufactured using food grade silicon for smooth transfer of milk from cow to the milk can. High grade stainless steel (SS304) is used in the production of milk can in 20 ltrs. Capacity. The production is done strictly under the guidance of a predefined quality policy.

Milking machines function differently from milking by hands or calf sucking milk from the cow's udder. In such a mechanism, continuous vacuum is applied inside the soft liner to suck out milk from the cow's teat by building a pressure difference across the teat canal (or opening at the end of the teat). Vacuum also enables the machine to remain attached to the cow. The vacuum applied to the teat results in increased density of teat tissues (assemblage of blood and different fluids). Atmospheric air is allowed into the pulsation chamber about one time per second (the pulsation rate) to permit the liner to dilute around the end of teat and ameliorate congestion in the teat tissue. The ratio of the time taken during the milking phase and rest phase is called the pulsation ratio.


Driven by the noble vision of best serving the rural farming community, Sri Sai Agro Implements is consistently providing solutions par excellence. The company envisions its remarkable invention, DairyMateTM, to be a well-recognized indigenous brand available in the market at unbelievable prices.


Our mission is to offer advanced technology to the farmers, increase the productivity as a result of their daily rigors by figuring out their requirements and manufacturing the best quality products for them.

Quality Policy

Quality assumes central significance for everyone including the farmers while buying the products with basic quality standards to high-end products wherein the Indian excels. Its imperative for the farmers to build their reputation on the plank of high quality to sustain profitability and market relevance.

We work towards achieving ‘excellence’ by offering tailor-made solutions, products & services that best cater to the requirements of our customers and relentlessly improve quality, reliability & service through an effective Quality Management System.

We follow strict quality standards against which compliance is ascertained through periodical audits and self-assessments. These standards make sure that we design, manufacture and supply products that are functional, safe to use, of impeccable quality, and comply with the relevant industry and regulatory standards in the countries where we business interest. Through management procedures are followed to isolate the risks and to shield our consumers and markets against fierce competition.
Our company proactively engages the consumers and customers, incorporating their specific needs and requirements into the products and services, thereby creating consumer value in the different markets where we promote our products. This particular approach is the core of our innovation process.

Every employee of Sri Sai Agro Implement takes complete responsibility of consumer safety and quality of products, and practices in toto to meet the essence of our quality policy. The inherent desire for quality, in all that we do, is the commitment that reflects in our brand development, production and customer service processes, and the same is also expected of our business partners. We are associated with stakeholders to provide leadership, promote transparency and inculcate among the team the best practices. With our business-centric policies, we have created mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and contract manufacturers.

Quality Assurance

Our company has drafted a quality assurance policy with the following objectives:

  • Improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Production of world class machines
  • On-time delivery
  • Supplier performance improvement
  • Reduction of wastage

Our company has established procedures for assuring quality management system during different stages of our business operations.

Product Range

Milking Machine:

  • Hand Operated, Simple Type (Eco Model )
  • Hand Operated Deluxe Model
  • Semi-Automatic (Hand cum motorized)  Model
  • Electric Motor Operated Single Bucket
  • Electric Motor Operated Double Bucket
  • Kerosene/Petrol Engine Operated Single Bucket
  • Kerosene/Petrol Engine Operated Double Bucket
  • Portable (Motorized cum kerosene) engine double bucket
  • Fixed System (Pipeline System) For Single Bucket
  • Fixed System (Pipeline System) For Double Bucket

Cow Mat:

  • Hammer Top With Grooved Bottom
  • Diamond Top With Buttons Bottom
  • Amoebic Top With Grooved Bottom (INTERLOCKING)
  • Amoebic Top With Grooved Bottom

Cream Separator
Milk Analyzer
Butter Churner

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